Evolutionary Child Development

Children come into this world with certain expectations or basic physiological survival needs; touch, food, temperature and breathing regulation etc. Many of today's childcare practises, from medicalised birth, to the cultural desire for early baby and child independence, have a big impact on child attachment and subsequent emotional, cognitive, social and physical health. Evolution and child physiological development helps us to understand how we are designed, and what conditions facilitate optimal baby and child development. Finding ways to implement this knowledge in caregiving and teaching situations is essential, whether our focus is on babies and children at home, in childcare settings or in the school environment. Our aim is to develop a model of childcare and learning that follows normal child development in order to foster a love of life, learning, curiosity and engagement. Through this model we will nurture the growing child's cognitive, emotional, social and physical states, and in doing so we will give each child their natural roots, as well as their future wings.